Tracking & Tracing

Transparent Container Tracking and Tracing

You probably don’t want to follow your shipments during every minute of every day. But with our interactive container tracking and tracing system, you could. This virtual access provides full-visibility so you know your cargo’s disposition at all times and can make critical changes if needed.

Our state-of-the-art container tracking system offers 24/7 access to your shipment status and documentation 365 days a year. This includes file and reference numbers, purchase order numbers, dates, quantities, shipping parties and destinations. In addition to monitoring your shipping status, you can print documentation, request e-mail notifications, update your information and even add bookings along the way. The system also electronic data interchange (EDI) trucking and transport capabilities so you can manage paperwork, receipts, AES filings, certificates of origin and all shipping instructions while keeping you and your carrier in sync.