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The July 1 implementation date for SOLAS / VGM remains in force for any/all cargo being exported from one of the 162 countries participating with the new regulations. Please note that this reflects cargo leaving any US port on/after July 1, as well as any cargo that left the USA earlier than July 1, but transships at a foreign port on/after July 1.
To summarize:
Two permissible methods for weighing:

  1. Method 1: Weigh the packed container
  2. Method 2: Weigh the cargo and other contents and add tare mass of the container that is located on the container door. (Packages that have the accurate mass clearly and permanently marked on their surfaces do not need to be weighed again when they are packed into the container.)

Each container (not shipment) will be required to be filed electronically. The electronic filing produces the required “certificate”. As we approach the critical date of 1 July 2016, more details will become clear and we will continue to provide you with the latest relevant information.

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